Program Overview

Recognition and Degree:

The Program is acknowledge by CAPES and standardized according to the Graduation Regiment of UFV, besides having its own rules, based on its bylaws.

After meeting all the academic demands, the student will receive the Magister Scientiae degree in Administration and Business.


PPG-ADM has distinguished in the quality of the work of the teachers and students and in the formation of professionals with academic profile. The alumni have been occupying important posts in universities, research centers, public entities and development agencies in the local, provincial and national spheres of the government. The Program also distinguishes by the quality of its academic production offered to the society trough dissertations and researches whose results are presented by articles published in national and international events and journals.

Target Audience:

The Program is intended for bachelors in Administration and Business, Applied Social Sciences and related areas interested in Public Administration, Public Policy and Organizations of the Public Sector. PPG-ADM acts proactively aiming at continuous improvement of its teaching and research activities and, therefore, is a supportive environment to academicians eager for intellectual progress, immersion in scientific practice and joining the academy as a career plan. Therefore, applicants who can fully dedicate to the activities of the Program until the entitling are especially welcome.


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The Graduate Program in Administration and Business of Universidade Federal de Viçosa – UFV, was conceived and planned according to UFV’s tradition to pursue greatness in forming professionals with potential to be part of the critical mass necessary to enable socioeconomic, regional and national development. Becoming centre of excellence in teaching Administration and Business, in master’s level, is the focal point of the curricular, structural and management guidelines of the program. Thus, it is intended that the graduate in Administration and Business in UFV be known by its high qualification and ability to understand and interpret the organizational and managerial phenomena, using the critical elements to reach goals in teaching, administrative and research activities. Get to know better our structure and commitment and understand why PPG-ADM is synonymous with quality teaching in business.


a) To prepare high-level human resources in teaching and research able to act professionally in many different areas in the Public Administration field in order to raise standards of excellence and productivity in this field of knowledge;

b) To qualify the faculty and researchers mainly from Higher Education Institutions in Minas Gerais;

c) To qualify administrators to analyze complex problems in management of public organizations, enabling them to strategise, implement programs and evaluate results.

d) To enable public administrators in order to use management and information technologies that foster modernization and organizational effectiveness.

e) To provide greater integration between teaching, research and extension in undergraduate and graduate programs, trough research scholarships working on research activities, advised by researchers and/or teachers. To promote classes, seminars and lectures available to society, sharing the results of the academic papers.


To constantly pursue greatness in training professionals in Administration and Business, especially to teach, research or act directly in public or private organizations, based on solid guidelines and on ethical principles and values strongly oriented to improve activities in public sector and social development actions.

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